John was born in Macomb, Illinois in 1943 where he attended the First Presbyterian church until leaving for college in 1961. During the next ten years, he mingled college, working and two years in the US Army which all culminated in BS and MS degrees in structural engineering from the University of Colorado. He began his career in structural engineering in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1970 and semi-retired in 2014.

John and Jeanni met in 1990. They were both single with grown kids. They had both drifted from the church and felt a strong draw by the Holy Spirit to know Jesus. That began a long and wonderful walk together to know Him. They were married in 1994 in the Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church (WCPC). Later, they joined the Walnut Creek Evangelical Friends Church (WCFC) but maintain close ties to WCPC. John is facilities coordinator and mission's coordinator at WCFC. Through their Friends Church, Jeanni and John maintain close ties to Friends missionaries in Nepal and Cambodia. They stayed with their missionary friends in Nepal for one month in 2014.

John was part of the 1996 Walnut Creek Presbyterian (WCPC) short team to NAOMI (first team to NAOMI) and has returned with them every year since. John's role with NAOMI has primarily been in the area of design and construction of the team's various building projects. He became president of the NAOMI BOD in 2014.

John and Jeanni reside in Walnut Creek, California. They both have two married, adult children, and a total of ten grandchildren.


Vice President

Chris grew up in rural Wisconsin on a dairy farm and a pastor’s kid (PK) and oversaw the pastoral duties when his
parents moved on from the ministry.  He is a citizen of the Muskogee Creek Nation.  With the background of having native blood and having an adopted sister who is of the Sioux Creek tribe, he has had a heart to minister and serve Native American children/ youth from an early age.

Chris has served in many areas of his church (World Revival Church of Kansas City) for 10 yrs. and has worked on
many churches around the country.  Chris is a Contractor in the Kansas City area and brings that skill set to NAOMIhelping to build the recent addition at NAOMI in 2017 and helping work on future plans for projects at NAOMI.

Chris resides in Raytown (Kansas City), Missouri with his wife Amanda and two active teenage boys, Seth and Ian.



Greg was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1949. After high school he joined the Marines and did one tour of duty in Vietnam, he left the Marines as a sergeant (E-5) after 3 years of active duty.  He married his wife, Chris, when he returned from Vietnam. They had their son, Gabriel after he was attending college. He graduated cum laude with a BA in Literature and Journalism in 1975 from Eastern Michigan University.  He worked many jobs during his 20’s, but got a big break when he got a job delivering packages for UPS when he was 29. He spent 25 years with them and retired in 2004 after spending 23 years in management: first in operations, then in industrial
engineering (doing work measurement studies, which led to eight years of creating video training programs for many aspects of the company). His last 10 years were spent on the south side of Chicago managing the UPS Management Leadership Training Center.  For 9 of the 10 years in the Chicago area, he worked with inner-city children. He learned a lot while tutoring those kids.  Upon retirement, he and his wife, and daughter (Rachel), moved from Illinois to Arizona and they have been living there for the past 16 years (8 of which have been in his
current home in Cave Creek). During this time period, he has gone on mission trips to Guatemala and Oaxaca, Mexico with a group from Paradise Valley Community Church in Phoenix, AZ. It was while attending that church he was asked to join the Mission Board, which led to his discovery of NAOMI House back around 2008. He also
volunteered through a church in Chandler, AZ, on the Navajo Reservation at the Living Waters Bible Church doing construction projects, where he attended a weekend Revival and met many faithful Navajo brothers and sisters. For five years he was part of the MentorKids USA organization based in Scottsdale, AZ.  In 2012, he began attending a new church that met outdoors behind the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek. There were 12 people, including the preacher and his wife, the first Sunday he attended. The church has grown steadily over the years to a point that, before the recent coronavirus outbreak, attendance was about 175 each Sunday. They
meet outdoors all year, except once or twice a year when the weather is just too inclement.  Then they meet in the saloon. He is blessed to have a very committed church family.  He has been a student of the Bible for over 40 years, and has hosted neighborhood weekly Bible studies, periodically, over the past 25 years.
He loves the Lord, and hopes to serve and honor Him every day.



Bud Pappas was born in 1947 in Duluth Minnesota and attended St Michael's Catholic Elementary School and grew up Catholic. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with degrees in accounting and economics, he had the honor to serve in the US Army.

Bud's career was focused on financial firms. He has worked for a Fortune 500 company; and has been a CFO and a CEO of different companies, founded and sold a firm, and lastly was CEO and financial advisor for a full-service financial firm headquartered in Minnesota. He retired in 2010 but remains active as a consultant to several other financial firms.

Bud married his best friend and the love of his life, Pat, in 1983. Bud has two daughters from his previous marriage, and Bud and Pat where blessed with a third daughter in 1986. Alisa, Melody, and Mollee have been like all children a blessing from God. Bud and Pat are further blessed with 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Bud and Pat live in a small western type community area known as Cave Creek, Arizona. Eight years ago, they were blessed to find a very unique, non-denominational church, known as Ecclesia - Church at the Chip, a Christian based outdoor cowboy church that meets Sundays behind the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek. Bud and Pat have been deeply dedicated to the Church and its Bible studies, and all the causes it has adopted. Bud has served on the Pastor Leadership Team for over 5 years.

Pastor Steve Gilbertson led Bud through a yearlong program of discipleship three years ago. Thru this ministry Bud has felt God's calling to serve in any way he can Native American children and their families, and anxiously awaits the answer to all of our prayers to make NAOMI the safe Christian resource it is meant to be.



Peter was born in 1963 in Southern California, and moved to Northern California in 1974. During his teenage years he was active in the Campus Life ministry at his high school, and accepted Christ on one of their sponsored trips when he was 15. He then became an active member of the Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church's (WCPC) high school group, and served in a leadership role for 2 years. During his college years, he went on his first short term mission trip where he spent the summer of 1982 working at the Greek Bible Institute. Peter married his girlfriend Jordana Shusta in August 1986 after dating her for 6 years. Two years later they led a WCPC group of 20 students plus three adults on a two week mission trip to Mendenhall, Mississippi. In 1990, they were blessed to experience the birth of their first child Nathan, and 2.5 years later the birth of their daughter Hannah.
Peter has had numerous roles at WCPC, including: High school leader for 8 years; teaching children's Sunday School for 5 years; on the Associate Pastor nominating committee; and as a deacon, and ruling elder. He is currently heading up the Men's committee.

In 1996, Peter was a member of the first short term mission team that came to work at NAOMI. Of the 19 short term mission trips that WCPC has made to NAOMI, Peter has been a participant on 16 and the leader or co-leader on the past 8 trips.

Peter has been employed by Chevron for 30 years in their IT organization. He also has been heavily involved in the Boy Scout program for 16 years, and taught youth soccer for 8 years.
Peter and Jordana reside in Pleasant Hill, California.




Sidney W. Eline III was born in 1966 in Louisville, Kentucky. He was named after his father Sid Jr. and his grandfather who died as a bomber pilot in WW2. The Eline family has a long history in Louisville. Tony Eline started an automobile dealership, worked potato farming along with real estate development over 100 years ago . All of the Eline family members have worked in and several are still working for the family business. Sid graduated high school in 1985, received a Bachelor Arts in Journalism and a minor in Business from Western Kentucky University in 1990. That same year he earned his Real Estate license and then his Brokers license in 2004. He has been working at Eline Realty since 1989 and became the President and Principal Broker in 2017.
Sid met Kelly, his wife of 29 years in 1987 and they have four awesome adult children Meagan, Alec, Lily and Ethan. His parents were strong Christians and he was raised in a Baptist type church. He was born again and was baptized at the age of 17, after a brief teenage rebellion. He is thankful for a strong youth group and for leaders who really helped him through that difficult period. It was at this church that he met Linda Thompson — the founder of NAOMI House. She gave her testimony about her experiences with the Navajo children and her experience in Arizona. Her testimony resulted in God placing her and the kids in his heart at a young age. His parents were generous givers and always welcomed strangers and singles into their home who needed a place to live. He often thought about serving God as a full time missionary, but God led him to work for the family business. He is thankful that he is able to follow in his parents footsteps in being generous givers to his local community and to NAOMI over the years.

He has made several trips with his family to Arizona, to visit NAOMI house. Most of those visits were during his kids Christmas break, where as a family they were able to serve and spend time with the kids. These trips created a special place in his families hearts for NAOMI House and the kids who live there. He is very excited and blessed for the opportunity to serve as a board member and looking forward to spending more time on the property every year with his family to serve in any capacity that is needed.




Matt grew up in Marin County, Ca. After a short stint in the Army he moved to Sacramento, Ca and began to work in Construction. It was in the Sacramento area that he met his wife Lois and where they had 2 kids- Mary and Stewart.

After coming to know the Lord and serving in different ministries at Citrus Heights Friends Church and going on a few mission trips to Mexico and Cambodia that they felt a call into full time ministry. They all moved to Kansas where Matt attended Barclay College and got his BA in Pastoral Ministry and later a MA in Transformational Leadership. Once his BA was completed they moved again to Cambodia and became full time missionaries there for 8 years.

In 2011 they sensed The Lord was leading them back home to the United States and Matt received a Call to Pastor Denair Friends Church in the Central Valley of California. It was there that they heard about NAOMI House and helped lead a team there in partnership with Walnut Creek Friends Church. They, as did all those who went, fell in love with NAOMI House, the staff, the kids and their mission. They have led teams there every summer since then and plan to do so into the foreseeable future.